Don’t Touch My Boots – 4K

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Rapture went to take the trash out, and found her favorite boots in the trash. She confronts her BF, who tells him that he threw them out because he hates them. Rapture can’t believe what she’s hearing, and decides her BF and her boots need to spend some personal time together. SHe handcuffs his hands in front of him, and throws him down on the bed. Wearing said boots, Rapture proceeds to trample him in them. She walks on his stomach, chest, and face, letting him know he’s going to apologize before she stops. Dirty from being in the trash, Rapture has him use his tongue to clean them off.

She then removes her boots, places them over his face, and has him breathe deeply. After years of use, her sweaty boots stink, and he’s made to endure the stench. Rapture continues to trample him, making sure to spend some extra time on his face. She tells him to smell her socks as she’s standing on his face, but with all that weight on him, he’s unable to. Finally, he apologizes for throwing her boots out, and Rapture lets him go.

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