Don’t Cheat On My Mother

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***FUCKING BRUTAL *** Rapture’s step-daughter Anat has caught her step-dad cheating. This is not good. After confronting him, she sets out to teach him a lesson in monogamy. She starts off by unleashing a barrage of full force punches to his face & body. Swinging for the fences, she knocks him down several times. Each time he drops, Anat is on him, stomping him out and kicking him in the face. As all this is going on, Rapture walks in and asks what is going on. After being told that her husband is cheating on her, she takes over for Anat. Rapture being taller and 40lbs. heavier than Anat means total destruction for her cheating hubby. Rapture beats him brutally. She hits him in the face and body with non-stop fury. Using her size & strength, Rapture almost knocks him out a few times. As he falls to the ground unable to stand up, Rapture stomps him so hard, she actually cracked one of his ribs. Pinning him down, she continues to beat the life out of him, his head bouncing off the floor like a basketball with each shot, until he is left a crumpled mess on the floor.

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