Dojo Trampling with Jolene Hexx

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Jolene Hexx works at the front desk of the local karate school. He boss walks in to find her playing games on her laptop. Upset, he tells her she needs to stop fucking off and do her job. Jolene doen’t care for the tone of his voice, and bites her tongue as much as possible. When the sensei won’t shut up, she stands up and Sparta kicks him in his chest, sending him flying across the room.

Jolene walks ove to the fallen sensei who is trying to stand back up, and pins him to the ground under her boots. She tells him to lay flat, then sits on him while she removes her boots and socks. Jolene then kicks him so he is now laying on his back, and steps heavily up onto his stomach.

Jolene wants to teach the sensei some matters, and lets him know he’s going to have to withstand her trampling without crying like a little bitch. She tramples his body and face, leaving visual footprints wherever she stands. Jolene doesn’t just rely on her weight to make her trampling painful, and uses carefully crafted technique to make sure she hurts you.

After a giving the sensei way more trampling than he wanted, she kicks him and rolls him over so he’s laying on his stomach again. She sits on him to put her boots back on, calls him a bitch, then clocks herself out for the day.

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