Dez’s Dark Desires

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Behind that beautiful smile, lies a dark twisted mind. Dez Desire has captured Rapture and another guy, and has them on their knees, hands bound, in front of her. She lets them know they are there for her pleasure, and they must do whatever she says or be punished. This has been a fantasy of Dez’s for awhile, and she records the whole incident on video, to enjoy later.

Dez has Rapture put on a pair of fishnets, and kicks the guy in the stomach. As he doubles over, Dez tells Rapture to begin hurting him. Dez has Rapture scissor and face sit him, touching him in the process so his cock gets hard. His hard cock excites Dez, and she instructs Rapture to start smashing it with her heel. The more Rapture hurts the guy, the more Dez gets turned on. Dez doles out some punishment herself, randomly hitting the guy when he doesn’t expect it. Once Dez is satisfied that the guy has taken enough pain, she finds her dark sexual desires satisfied, and releases them.

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