Crushed and Forgotten – 4K

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190 pound Muscle Goddess Rapture loves sitting on men. Feeling them being crushed beneath her big ass always puts her in a good mood. Rapture wanted to sit down and relax, and even though the couch is right there, she makes her slave lay on it, so she can sit on him. Rapture sits full weight on his head, her thigh pressing into his carotid, making it hard from him to breathe. That coupled with al her weight crushing his head, makes it very uncomfortable for him. He squirms to try and find relief, but Rapture doesn’t move. She completely ignores the fact the he’s underneath her. At times, she’ll switch to sitting on his stomach, making sure all her weight is pressed down into him. Rapture has zero care how her slave feels being crushed under her; she just knows it makes her happy.

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