Cousin Lovin’ Trample

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Real life cousins Dez Desire and Kris have a strong family bond. Kris puts that bond to the test when he gets caught smelling her shoe while he plays with himself. While he sees nothing wrong with it, Dez does and decides he needs to learn he can’t do that. Fresh from the gym, in her new boxing shoes, Dez smashes his face down with her size 9 foot and makes him clean & worship her shoes. She uses his face to step up on his body, and tries to trample the pervert out of him. Dez jumps, stomps, and tramples his body, throat and face with her 160 pound body. Her boxing shoes have good grip on the bottom, and Dez uses that to inflict pain. She pushes down and twists her feet on his face, stretching his skin tight. Dez tramples his cock and balls for good measure, before slapping him really hard and taking all her shoes out of the room.

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