Cleaning My Shoes With His Tongue

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After spending the day cleaning out her shoe closet, Rapture has found several old pair that she wants to wear again. With her usual foot slave gone, she decides to use her substitute, and breaks him in properly. Sitting on a chaise with her feet & shoes propped up on a foot stool, Rapture summons him over. She begins to make him lick the bottoms of her shoes which are black with dirt. She make shim clean, the bottoms, and sides, and worship the tops. Rapture continues this process with 4 different pairs of shoes; black heels, brown, pumps, a pair of stilettos, and her favorite pair of cowboy boots. As he licks the black off her shoes, she tells him where each shoe has been and why it’s so dirty. The slave is doing such a good job, it starts to turn Rapture on, and she pulls out her tits, and begins to play with herself why he services her feet.

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