Can’t Take The Pressure

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Having Kortney Olson or Goddess Rapture trample you by themselves would be hard for anyone to endure. Putting the two of them together for a double trampling session, is equivalent to signing your own muerte certificate. Kris knows the danger, but does not care as being trampled by both of them at the same time is a once in a lifetime experience.”

They tell Kris to lie on his back, and the trampling begins. They trample his stomach, face, and cock, making sure all their weight is on top of him. Kris struggles to breathe with that much weight crushing him, and his eyes bulge out of their sockets from all the pressure.

Both appear to thoroughly enjoy having him under their feet, and laughh and mock him as they trample him. The pressure is so heavy and concentrated, that Kris cauliflower ear ruptures, making for a messy end to this perfect trampling experience.

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