Bullying The Bully – Face Sitting

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In this prequel to last week’s foot domination video, we start off with Goddess Rapture confronting the bully who’s been picking on her cousin. She tells him he’s going to learn what it feels like to be bullied, then quickly sits on his face while wearing her tight jeans. There will be no mercy, and Rapture lets him know she will only stop when she’s ready.

Rapture takes off her jeans to reveal the nylon thong she is wearing. She sits back on the bully’s face and pulls his head up into her ass. Unable to breathe, he is made to stay under her ass until she decides he can finally have a quick breath of air.

She grinds on and smothers his face, taunting him the entire time. The lesson wouldn’t be complete without some humiliation, and Goddess Rapture makes him lick and smell her asshole in addition to some regular ass worship.The video ends with Rapture still smothering him, while getting ready to dominate him with her feet.

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