Bully Beatdown II – 4K

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It seems like the guy that was bullying Rapture’s step-brother, is at it again. Perhaps the ass kicking she gave him last time wasn’t enough, so this time, she makes sure to get her point across. Rapture starts off with some hard punches to the face of her school girl pinned opponent. She moves onto punching his body, then drops some heavy knees into his rib cage. Rapture tramples and stomps him, throwing in some heavy butt drops to maximize the pain. As her hands start to get sore from punching him so much, Rapture uses her powerful thighs to scissor and squeeze his neck. As she almost breaks his jaw from the pressure of her thighs, Rapture continues to strike him. After she is sure he learned his lesson, Rapture finally leaves him on his back, battered and broken.

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