Bodybuilder Beatdown

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Having competed and won in numerous competitions, Muscle Goddess Rapture is well known in the fitness world. Today, the 5’10”, 190 pound Rapture is going to use all her muscles to beat the life out of her slave. His hands bound behind his back, her slave cannot defend himself at all. Rapture gets right into, blasting his face and body with full force punches. She uses those muscular legs to front kick, roundhouse, and leg kick him. As she drops him to the ground, the beating continues. Rapture scissors him while punching his face and body, chokes him, and soccer kicks his face so hard a tooth almost came out. Rapture doesn’t stop there, using her knees to painfully strike his body and face. One strike landed perfectly on his solar plexus, causing him to roll on the floor in extreme pain. As if that wasn’t enough, Rapture makes sure to kick his balls every chance she gets. A beatdown with a regular girl is one thing, but a beatdown with a Goddess the size of Rapture is just dangerous.

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