Blondie Beatdown

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Rapture decides to bring her little step-sister Lauren Fogle, with her to a beatdown session. The 2 greet their slave with a barrage of punches and kicks to the body & face. Not wanting to be outdone by her little step-sister, Rapture makes sure to hit their slave twice as hard as Lauren does. No rest is given, and as the slave falls to the floor, Rapture and Lauren start stomping, kicking, and ballbusting him. Lauren puts him in a grapevine and tit smothers him, while Rapture tramples his cock. These 2 really seem to dislike this slave, and it shows when they stand him up and start mule kicking his stomach as hard as they can. After falling to the ground yet again, Rapture and Lauren step on his face, holding him down, while they make him clean their filthy sneakers.

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