Big Buff Beatdown

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There’s beatdowns with average size chicks that are pretty rough, but with Nadia Miller and Rapture tag teaming a guy, rough would be an understatement. Both girls weigh in almost 200lbs each which guarantees every shot is going to be be hard & painful. The 2 start off full force, dropping him with a combo of knees and punches in the first few seconds. Any time he makes the bad decision of falling to the floor, he is stomped, kicked, trampled, and scissored until he gets back up. They punch and kick his body full force while making him keep his hands to the side. Falling again Nadia sits on his face, pinning him down, while Rapture stomps and punches his body. Rapture and Nadia literally tear the clothes off his body. Nadia has his jeans and Rapture his shirt, with both girls pulling in the opposite direction. We wanted to make this video longer, but Kris literally crawled out of the set as fast as he could, and refused to return.

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