Beg My Feet For Mercy – 4K

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Standing 6’4″ tall in her heels, Rapture has her slave restrained and laying on the floor at her feet.As she pins her slaves head down with her foot, she lets him know she’s about to hurt him. Rapture tells him she’s going to trample him hard, until he begs her feet for mercy. She steps up onto his stomach, her heels digging into her slave’s bare skin, with all 190 pounds of Rapture on top of him. She works her way up and down his body, and in no time, the slave is begging her feet for mercy.

Rapture will occasionally give him a quick break, allowing him to worship her well worn shoes. As she takes them off, she tells him she’s going to hurt him again, now with her nylons. She makes her slave worship them while standing heavy on his throat, face, and stomach. By the time she’s done, Rapture has literally left her mark all over her slave.

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