Beg Me To Stop Trampling You

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Rapture’s trample slave is an idiot. He had the nerve to tell Rapture he’s been trampled harder by girls smaller than her. This results in him being tied up on the bed with Rapture’s 185 pounds of muscle trampling him. Rapture steps and stomps on his stomach in face, her Converse leaving marks in his face.

Rapture wants this to hurt, and tramples him hard; making him beg her to stop. Rapture removes her shoes and continues trampling him, now making him smell her sweaty socks. This is just a warmup for her slave. Rapture now puts on a pair of ankle weights, adding even more crushing weight to her body. As she makes her slave beg over & over for an end to the trampling, Rapture has one last trick up her sleeve. She brings an 80 pound barbell up on the bed, and starts doing deadlifts, using her slave as a gym floor.

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