Beaten Into Submission

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Kris is having a bad month. Dez broke his finger, and Rapture broke his nose. You’d think he’d learn to keep his mouth shut, but you’d be wrong. After mouthing off to Rapture again, she is quick to fuck him up again. Rapture starts trampling him with the same ferocity that broke his nose. She jumps, bounces, and stomps on his body and face. Rapture stands on his throat, leaving a shoe print on it that’s lasted the whole week. Butt drops knock the air out of him, as do the knees and punches to the body. Rapture stomps and punches his balls, and makes him lick her shoes. Kris makes the mistake of rolling onto his stomach, and Rapture tries to separate his spine from his neck. Heavy trampling and stomps to the back of his neck cause him to wince in pain. Rapture rolls him over to finish the beating. With 1 knee on his stomach, and the other on his neck, she continues to hit him until he asks her to stop.

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