Be One With The Floor

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Jolene Hexx was gifted with a super sexy pair of thigh high boots. That with the skimpy 1-piece bodysuit she’s wearing, makes for an amazingly sexy outfit.She’s never worn the boots before and wants to break them by trampling a floor boy.

Flavio must have eaten his Wheaties that morning, because when Jolene says she wants to trample him in them, he agrees. She seductively puts both boots on, and makes her way to Flavio, who’s laying on the floor. Jolene starts by trampling his stomach. She makes sure he feels the hard soles and sharp heels, as she puts all her weight on him.

Flavio is in noticeable pain, which only makes Jolene want to go harder. Instead of outright and easily obtainable pain, Jolene ops for a perfect mix of slow and sadistic as she makes her way up and down Flavio’s body. Flavio’s grunts result in him being made to suck on her heel while she tries to puncture his cheek with it. In the end, Jolene’s boots are thoroughly broken in, with Flavio’s body marked by her boots.

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