Are You Ready For Some Football – 4K

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After coming home from a game, LFL superstar Lilly Ice sees her roommate playing with a football. When she tells him where she’s been, he begins to make fun of her. He tells Lilly that girls can’t play football, and suggests she tries volleyball instead. Still wearing her shoulder pads, Lilly runs across the room, and gives him a Lawrence Taylor style tackle. As he hits the floor hard, Lilly is right on top of him. She punches his face and body as he whimpers in pain. Lilly shows no mercy to him, and soccer kicks and stomps his body and face, whenever he falls down. Her lethal knees to the face have him seeing stars, but Lilly doesn’t stop there. She schoolgirl pins him down, and punches his face some more, then sits her warm pussy on his mouth so he can no longer speak.

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