All Up In Her Ass

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Goddess Rapture loves having her ass worshiped. When Brandi comes over, Rapture is wearing a tiny top and an even tinier skirt, with no panties underneath. SUper horny and unable to control herself, she calls Brandi  Mae over and tells her to get on her knees.

Brandi is confused but follows directions, as Rapture turns her back to her. Rapture hikes up her skirt to reveal her tight muscle ass and pink pussy, as she pulls Brandi’s face deep into her ass. Rapture smothers her with it briefly, then tells Brandi to start getting busy with her tongue.

Rapture makes Brandi kiss, lick, smell, and worship her ass and asshole. She wants Brandi to know she is in full control, and tells Brandi she will be released only when the job is done. Rapture spreads her ass cheeks wider so Barndi can get as deep as possible, and has her continue to eat her ass until Rapture is content.

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