Agatha’s Angry – 4K

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Agatha Delicious is having a bad day. Her slave is the only person around, so she decides to take out her anger, on him. Starting him off on all 4’s, Agatha soccer kicks his ribs. HARD. As he rolls over in pain, Agatha mounts him, and begins punching him full strength. As she stands up, she stomps him out, continuing to soccer kick him as hard as she can. She stands him up, and kicks him in the ribs, knocking the air out f him. After another barrage of strikes, her slave falls to his knees. Agatha chokes him as she humps his ass, letting him know what a bitch he is. She sits on his face, grinding her ass and pussy all over his tender nose, and scissors him almost to the point of being resting. By the end of the beating, her slave is unable to move and lays motionless on the floor.

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