A Trampoline For Goddess Rapture

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Goddess Rapture has been working extra hrad in the gym to make her ass and legs stronger. This new muscle has added some weight to her muscular frame, and she weighed in that morning at 190.Her trample slave had an injury which meant Rapture had nobody to trample, but she’s decided he’s well enough to be beneath her feet today.

Wearing a new pair of shiny nylons, Rapture begins trampling him. Rapture is not content with just crushing him, as she tells him she’s going to make him as flat as a pancake. She starts with trampling his stomach, chest, and face. Once he’s been worked over a little bit, Rapture lets him know he’ll also be serving as her trampoline. She picks a spot to stand, then bounces up and down on him as hard as she can. She laughs at how deep his body is being pushed into the bed, then notices his cock is hard.

Rapture tells him to pull his pants down so she can see exactly where his hard cock is. She then tramples it with no mercy. She jumps on it, uses both feet to crush it, and stands on one foot for some concentrated crushing. Happy being able to trample somebody again, Rapture says goodbye and tells him to return next week for more

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