A Dreamy Beatdown

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Most guys can only dream of being on the receiving end of a beatdown, from Rapture. Such is the case with her slave , who , after falling asleep, finds himself in dreamland with Rapture. She has him tied to a chair, and let’s him know she’s about to hurt him. Rapture starts off with some hard slap, followed by knees to his ribcage and face. She kicks him in the face, before jumping up on the chair and sitting on his face. Her slave is forced to take it, and Rapture doesn’t hold back. Big butt drops to his stomach have him gasping for air. Rapture front kicks his face, pressing her shoe hard up against it. She has him clean them, and then removes them, pushing down on his face with her foot. Rapture makes sure he smells her socks good before continuing on with th beating.

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