A Concussive Beatdown – 4K

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One of Rapture’s most BRUTAL Beatdowns yet!

Rapture has her slave saran wrapped on the bed with headgear on. She stands over him and lets him know she’s about to hurt him real bad, then goes on to fulfill her promise. Rapture starts by punching him full force to the body and face. His head makes a dull thud with every hit and his eyes start rolling back into his head. She takes a break from punching him, to hit him with full force knee strikes to the body and face.

Her slave is already dizzy and seeing stars, but Rapture shows no mercy. She stomps him out before soccer kicking his head almost off his neck. Disoriented and with a concussion, her slave is unable to move much as Rapture tears off the saran wrap. He lays there motionless while she reverse scissors him, then sits on his face, smothering whatever little bit of life he has left, out of him.

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